End of Life Care

Future Care Plans

Most people have an opinion about the treatment and care they want to receive. And there may come a time when you are unwell and cannot tell the people around you what you do and do not want.

By making plans now, you can record your preferences for treatment and care so that if you are ever in this situation, your wishes are known and can be followed.

Speak to your doctor today about making a future care plan or contact Compassion in Dying’s nurse-led team for free support:

For more information, please follow to the link to the Compassion for Dying Website : This website also includes information on Lasting Power of Attorney, Do Not Attempt Resuscitation, Advanced Directives, Advanced Care Planning and Living Wills.

It is best to make plans for your future while you are well and able to do so. Any adult can plan for their treatment and care - you do not need to be unwell or over a certain age.