Non NHS Services

Non NHS Work


Why does my GP charge a fee for medical reports and letters?


The practice has a primary duty to provide services for the management of patients who are ill. Writing letters and reports (i.e., for insurance providers, adoption, and fostering, driving (DVLA), housing and benefit appeals, schools, health clubs and employers) all falls outside of the NHS GP contract and is Non-NHS Work. These services incur a fee and we set the fees out with reference to the British Medical Association guidance.

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Why does it take my GP a while to complete my form?


Time spent completing forms and preparing reports takes the GP away from the medical care of his or her patients.

The time taken to complete the form will all depend on the amount of NHS work they have to do and how many reports have been requested at that time.

When a doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know is true. This means even for ‘JUST’ a signature they have to check through all the patients’ Medical Records.